Son's Life Was Changed By A Drunken Driver



This is in response to the letter from Deb and Ted Paulk's letter in the Jan. 6 edition of the Roundup.

My 18-year-old son was driving to a friend's house after work when a speeding truck came off a side street and hit my son in the driver's side door. The drunken driver walked away with a bump on the head. His passenger died. My son lay unconscious in the hospital.

He had a broken femur, eye socket, chin and cheek bone, along with some brain damage. The police and doctors said it was a miracle he wasn't killed on the spot.

I am fortunate my son is alive, but this man took two months from my son's life, and he lost a full-ride academic scholarship to ASU. He has some memory loss and he has to learn to process things differently.

All because of a drunken driver.

I have no problem with people drinking, that is their business; but, when they get behind the wheel of a vehicle, it becomes everyone's business. I applaud the efforts of our police department, and anyone who thinks they are invading privacy or spoiling someone's fun really is a fool.

Debbi Tanner, Payson

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