Time To Tackle ‘Weighty' Goals



It's January and everyone has made their resolutions. Mine is to lose some weight and get back in shape. I figure if three guys from Christopher Creek can lose weight, I can try.

Robert McWorthy, Rod Britain, and Kevin Mystrom made a bet that one of them could lose the most weight in 30 days. They each put up $50 apiece to make it more interesting.

Marcia Dalessandro said they all weighed in dressed in nothing but their skivvies and that was a sad sight for sore eyes.

One month later, Rod came out the winner. He lost 23 pounds, Robert lost 18 and Kevin, the owner of the Landmark, lost 8 pounds.

I figure if these guys can do it so can I. It's always good to make resolutions, but it's keeping them that is hard.

The tradition continues

January is also the month for the Hashknife Pony Express.

This year's ride will be the 46th annual re-enactment of the original Pony Express ride.

This year's ride is Jan. 28. Commemorative Pony Express mailers are available for $1 at Tall Pines Market in Christopher Creek. You will need to fill them out and have them back by Jan. 25. On Jan. 28, the Hashknife Pony Express will be riding through Christopher Creek as they do every year, only this year they will stop at the post office in Tall Pines Market and collect the mail. They will also pass the mailbag from one rider to another in front of Creekside Restaurant.

The Hashknife Pony Express tradition began in January of 1958. The riders from the Navajo County Sheriff's Posse are all sworn in as official mail messengers of the U.S. Postal Service. The mail is relayed from Holbrook to Scottsdale at about one-mile intervals.

In appreciation of the Hashknife Pony Express Riders on Feb. 21, there will be a party at Creekside with a barbecue, entertainment and pictures taken with the riders. Mark this one on your calendar.

Winners of the Ladies 9 Ball Tuesday were Patty Boeschling (first), Candy Hart (second), and Phyllis Mullen (third).

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