Clark Is Choice In Mock Primary


The Roundup asked area Democrats to cast ballots over a three-day period in a mock Democratic primary election.

A mock ballot was published on Tuesday, Jan. 6 in the Roundup. Nearly 4 percent of area Democrats voted.

This is not a scientific poll. Only 13 readers responded to mock-vote request. Their votes are tabulated below.

The results

Carol Moseley Braun -- 0

Wesley Clark -- 38.5 %

Howard Dean -- 30.1%

John Edwards -- 0

Al Sharpton -- 0

Dennis Kucinich -- 0

John Kerry -- 0

Dick Gephardt -- 23.1%

Joe Lieberman -- 0

Other -- 7.7%

"I believe you and your readers will be thoroughly impressed by Wesley Clark's experience, policies and leadership skills," one reader wrote. "He has the kind of charisma, knowledge and experience of how our country and the world operates and the ability to communicate it. If you haven't already, I hope you and your readers take some time to learn more about this inspirational and qualified leader. He is the kind of leader we deserve as Americans."

"Dick Gephardt has the most experience to get the country on the right path for all," another e-mail ballot said.

Another reader said he'd be voting for "anyone -- all are 100 times better than Bush."

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