Forest Health Funding Needs Study



I take exception to your editorial of Jan. 9, that the council is ducking the issue of forest health.

I am one of the two unnamed council members that you cited. I wish to point out that sound fiscal management is not "ducking the issue."

It is my opinion that we should not appropriate large sums of money out of our limited budgetary resources based on a resolution brought up at a council meeting. It should be the subject of thoughtful planning and debate as is done in our Corporate Strategic Planning and Budgeting process -- not voted on quickly at a council meeting.

No one would argue that forest health is not important. No one! But where does the funding come from? Is the community willing to cut police or fire budgets? Or appropriate less for streets?

These questions should be given careful consideration. It would be poor stewardship of the town's resources to do otherwise.

Dick Wolfe, Town Council Member

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