Other Winners From Patriot's Pen Contest


2nd Place Winner

Stephanie N. Miller

The Way It Should Be!

Joseph is a homeless man whose home is not the greatest but it is the only home he has. Joseph pulled off his trash bags that were tied to his feet to keep the snow off. He lay down in the middle of the room and fell asleep in the freezing night with an empty belly. Joseph's house was made of cardboard boxes leaning up on trees. He spends most of his days in front of stores begging people for money so he could buy food. This makes me feel that I should help the people less fortunate than me.

I advocate that all people should have a warm home. The hard ground or park benches are bad for the human spine, so a soft bed is better. A bed to sleep in and warm blankets to wrap up in during cold nights can prevent hypothermia. I believe that some people might have made mistakes in their life so they might become homeless. These people need help in their lives, and I want to help.

There are also people who do not have enough food for themselves or their family. I realize that there are shelters for the homeless that provide meals daily. There are not many of these shelters. There are also people who barely have enough money to support their families. These people might have families and a small shack, so they might not afford food for their children. The family can suffer from depression from not being able to feed their loved ones.

People also need to have clothes to keep warm during cold winter days. A person can suffer from hypothermia by not having enough clothes. Clothes are like layers during the winter, you add layers for warmth. In the summer you take off layers to keep cool. Clothes were made to be dressed in. Some people can not buy the clothes to be dressed in, so I want to help these homeless people. This is why people should have clothes.

This is how I feel about homeless people. I think that homeless people should be equal. They should have a cozy house. They should have clothes that fit. They should be well fed. I want to help these less fortunate people.

3rd Place Winner

Shawna M. Davis

My Dream for America

My dreams have been bugging me over and over. But the strange thing about it was that my dreams were about America. I dreamed about helping the homeless, and stop drugs. I also provided a job for everyone. Why have I been dreaming these dreams? Let me tell you about these dreams.

One of my dreams was to help the homeless and provide homes for them. That would be good if the homeless have warm homes to stay in. There are some children who need homes and living on the streets and wish, pray for a home or even a family. Some people don't have a home or a family and end up at a place where people take good care of them, but they wish and pray for a home.

I dream of how America would be without drugs. I wonder what would happen if America were drug free. Would the people rebel or will they like the new idea? Some families lost their loved ones because of drugs. Just think how America would be without drugs, but hey it's just my dreams.

People have jobs to support their families, but ... some people don't have jobs to support their families that's how they end up confused or homeless. I dream a job for everyone that they like or that they are good at. Just think there are several talented people out there just hiding in the dark.

Why do I have these dreams over and over again? Maybe they are telling me something. Like my dream to help the homeless maybe it will come true, maybe I will help the homeless when I get older. Stopping the drugs would be good if it was never here. I know that it is hard to keep drugs out of America cause there are a lot of people in America. I wish I could give a job to everybody that needed a job to support his or her families. Like I can do that for a lot of people but maybe I can when I get older. These are my dreams that have been bothering me over and over, maybe they will come true for me.

3rd Place Winner

Dugan S. Eckstein

You used to be homeless, jobless, and you scraped a living off the sole of your shoe; but then the government made a few votes. Now, you're well fed, you live in a mid-class neighborhood, and you drive a truck to a well paying job. The government would support you until you got started. I am going to discuss a few of the points you just read in this story, because this short story is My Dream of America.

Imagine people not on the streets, huddled in cardboard boxes but in homes. No one would die from the heat, cold, or any other elements. Every day people who are suffering in cities and towns both big and small would be provided with clean safe housing. People would not have to worry about where they will sleep the next night. Finally, people can go to sleep and not be afraid. That is why it is important to have good clean shelter.

If people are going to get to work they need transportation. People don't need to worry about walking across town to get groceries. If some one is hurt they need to be able to get to a hospital or a doctor. Another good reason is most people have families. How are they going to visit their families if they live far away? Transportation, people need to get around, right?

We should know that the citizens of America need to be fed. Cannot eat, cannot think, right? It would not be just good; it would be humane if all men, women and children were fed. Food is not a luxury it is obviously a bare necessity. When you're fed you make better decisions. These are human beings. They deserve to be fed. And personally I eat a lot and could not go a day without food.

3rd Place Winner

Ashley E. Monty

"My Dream For America"

People come home upset not wanting to leave their house again. Some people cannot even go home because they don't have one. People having to go to a job they hate because they don't get paid enough. I dream that all these people's dreams and mine will come true. Don't you?

Racism, most people in America have to deal with it. Even in our own town. Someone I know had a friend who came into class crying because people were judging her by the color of her skin. I am sure there are millions of people who have the same problem. But why? People don't even give them a chance, what's so different about them. What about the constitution's preamble states, ‘that all men are created equal,' that is what I want, people to treat different races with the same respect as we have toward our friends or family.

Another dream of mine is that people will own a home or a place to live, no matter what. In every city they should have an apartment building for the homeless, so they can feel better about their life and start over again. It's like a cycle, where they come in and hopefully start a new life and get a house on their own. If this happened there would never be anyone on the street sleeping or begging for food or money.

My final dream is that teachers get paid for the work that they do. Why does our country pay so much to entertainers/sports figures when they know that teachers have an important role in life? Why do most teachers have to work two jobs? I feel that teachers don't teach for the money but for the personal rewards that they get in return. I would like to see teachers getting paid more for what they do.

My conclusion is that people cause all these things, and that people can stop them. If people stop judging or hating then racism would be less and less. If people helped the homeless and pointed them to a shelter or offered to find them a place to stay there would be less homeless people. If more people would put education first instead of building a sports arena we could have the money for teachers. People start it they just need to help fix it.

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