Personal Responsibility Eroded By System



I was reading Friday's Letters to the Editor and felt the need to address one of America's most severe problems: Lack of personal responsibility.

Debbie Tanner's letter about her son being hit by a drunken driver highlights one of America's greatest faults today. We do not hold the individual fully responsible for his or her actions and the result of the same.

We have created a legal system that excuses the actions of the irresponsible.

It would be interesting to know: Was the driver ever convicted? If yes, what was the sentence? Did he or she suffer loss or pain equal too or greater than what was caused? How long after the accident was the punishment administered?

To strengthen America we must insist on an individual being responsible for the results of their actions; and be sure those who are irresponsible, pay retribution at least equal too, or greater than, the damage caused by their actions.

Freedom can only exist amongst responsible citizens. Those who are not responsible do not deserve freedom and must be restrained.

In the case above, I do not see any reason why the driver should not lose his driving privileges for life. Sure that is a rough sentence, but the driver brought it upon himself.

He was encouraged to do what he did by previous cases where the drunken driver was let go or given a light sentence because he was drunk and did not intentionally plan on hurting someone.

The driver took a life and partly ruined three others (the son, the father and mother). With the loss of his privilege to drive for life, the message will be sent out to all others not to repeat the offense.

Hoby Herron, Former Payson resident

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