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Re: Bush's proposed immigration policy

One thing I want to complain about is that I resent the Spanish translation in there. I know there are some people in town who don't speak English, but I'm totally against that. This is America. I don't like to see any Spanish or Mexican language in our Roundup. I find it very offensive.

Re: Police enforcement

I agree that people should not drive drunk, but I also think the police in this town should take better care of their attitudes when citizens of this community have to, for some reason, go to the police station. Even if you are there for something other than a criminal act, they treat you like you are less of a person than they are. When you follow them and see three times they don't use their blinker to turn and then they give you a ticket for it, it can be upsetting. They should not be above the law just because they are the law.

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