Get Away From It All In Your Own Back Yard


Winter in Arizona may not be hard to take, but it's still winter. Maybe the short days, long nights and nippy temperatures have you thinking of vacation plans.

Plant Fair has a way to get away from it all -- take a vacation in your own back yard.


Glenn Kaczmar, sales manager for the Beachcomber Hot Tub line at Plant Fair, will have quite a few more models on display soon at the nursery in Star Valley. The line carries a round hot tub, at left, which can seat up to eight adults, and a variety of square tubs, some with room for up to nine adults.

The company, which has been in the Rim country for 20 years, has carried Beachcomber since September.

"There are more than 100 hot tub manufacturers in North America and Beachcomber is one of the top five," said Glenn Kaczmar, who manages the hot tub sales for Linda and Glen McCombs, owners of Plant Fair.

"It is designed for cold weather," Kaczmar said, "The shell has a lifetime guarantee not to crack or leak. It will not blister. From the insulation out, it's an outstanding product."

Kaczmar joined Plant Fair when the McCombs brought in the Beachcomber Hot Tubs. A landscape architect, he had worked with them for the past seven years when he moved his business to the Rim country from Scottsdale.

"I was approached by them to set up (the hot tub business)," he said.

Kaczmar said Beachcomber is a very good company and it has an excellent guarantee on its products.

"It's just a few sentences," he said. "Customers are supposed to enjoy the product with normal maintenance."

There are 16 different models of Beachcombers and Plant Fair is carrying 10 of them, with access to the others. Customers have choices of 12 colors for the shell and three for the siding, plus six choices of vinyl for the tub covers. The tubs range in capacity from one or two adults to up to nine adults. The cost is from $3,995 to $13,000. Kaczmar said the cost of the models carried by Plant Fair only go up to around $8,000.

Plant Fair has all the chemicals needed to maintain the water at optimum quality and provides free delivery, plus will do the installation. Kaczmar said they will deliver the tub, fill it, set up the chemicals and give the owners an orientation on how to maintain it. The covers and first set of chemicals are included in the delivery package, he said.

"Beachcomber has two different types of tubs. One is called portable and has the pump inside, the other, called Protec, has the pump on the outside," Kaczmar said.

The outside unit is enclosed and covered, providing a step with which to climb into the hot tub.

"The only thing customers need to do is provide us with a level, even area to set the hot tub on and electricity," he said.

Depending on the use, the water needs to be changed every three to six months, Kaczmar said. All models have a floor drain -- like that in a bathtub -- for convenience as standard equipment. The drained water can be used on plants, he said. The chemicals are configured so they don't harm vegetation.

He said when a customer comes to him about buying their first hot tub he tries to get them to think about what they will be using it for -- entertainment or therapy.

"We view it like an appliance and see it as a therapy tool, especially for people with diabetes, fibromyalgia and arthritis. The hot water raises the body's temperature and that causes it to release more white blood cells."

Once a customer decides they want to move forward with a purchase, a deposit is made and the hot tub is special ordered. It takes from four to five weeks for delivery to Plant Fair from the manufacturer. When it arrives, Kaczmar will call the customer and set up a delivery appointment.

"Normally the customer is in hot water four to six hours from delivery," he joked.

Financing is available, Kaczmar said.

Delivery is followed by an occasional call from Kaczmar to see how the customer is doing with their hot tub and to see if they have any questions or concerns about the unit.

More of the hot tub models will soon be displayed at Plant Fair, along with metal gazebos for shading.

Outdoor furniture and barbecues are also being added to the inventory to give customers a single spot to shop for making the most of their decks, patios and backyards.

For more information, call Kaczmar about Beachcomber Hot Tubs at (928) 978-1572 or (928) 474-6556. Plant Fair is at 255241 East Highway 260 in Star Valley.

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