Occupancy Not Approved, Making It Illegal



Regarding the Jan. 6 edition of the Roundup and the response from Diana Sexton about questions of her legal residence -- according to a town official, one of the requirements to run for mayor is "one year residency within the town." The qualifying address used on her petitions was that of the new house being built. As of approximately Dec. 23, that "new house" had failed the requested final inspection. This means that the town of Payson had not issued a certificate of occupancy. This also means that occupying the house is/was not legal. However, since there were no health or safety issues involved, according to another town official, the policy of the building department is to "look the other way." (My words.)

In conversations with the state solicitor general's office I was referred to the county or town officials for a resolution of this matter. Their specific comment was that unless she got elected, there would be no action on their part. The response from the county officials was very similar with the same comment regarding referral to the town legal department

I have heard that last summer the Sextons had a big party at their home in Round Valley and that most town officials and other "Big Shots" were invited. This seems to me to indicate that almost all town officials, including the town attorneys, should have known that the qualifying address on Sexton's petitions was incorrect which meant she could not legally run for mayor.

Why are most of them "looking the other way?"

I can't help but wonder if allowing her to run is someone's campaign strategy to split votes and make it easier for their "man" to win.

Also, throughout my life I have discovered that if people lie about small things, they also lie about bigger things. It seems to me that honesty, ethics and respect for the laws ought to be a basic entry level qualification for anyone to hold public office. In addition, this is not about the type of house Sexton lives in. She could live in a shack and qualify to run, so long as that shack was located within Payson town limits and she was living there for one full year prior to filing her petitions.

Mike Voden, Payson

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