Override An Investment In Future



I have been paying taxes to support Payson Unified School District (PUSD) activities for more than 25 years, even though I've never had any children in the PUSD.

The recent bold, and needed, decision by the PUSD Governing Board to seek a budget override on May 18 is to be both applauded and supported.

The State of Arizona has been miserly for decades in its financial support of K-12 education, and it behooves local school districts to find creative and legal means to raise the necessary revenue to provide a quality education for all students.

For better or for worse, Payson is now deemed to be on the ‘northern fringe' of the Valley, and our Payson area students must compete with Chandler, Gilbert, Fountain Hills, Mesa, and Scottsdale students for academic achievement, admission to institutions of higher learning, for scholarships, and ultimately, for jobs that provide above-average compensation.

PUSD taxpayers will have a chance on May 18 to clearly show whether they feel education is an expense or an investment. Patrons of PUSD have almost always supported excellence in athletics via their attendance and finances. Continued progress toward academic excellence doesn't come inexpensively, and the passage or defeat of the override will show whether or not PUSD taxpayers are willing to invest in our youth and in our future.

I support the PUSD override and the decision by the Governing Board and Board President Viki Holmes to call for it.

Richard K. Meszar, Ed.D., Whispering Pines

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