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Re: Bush's proposed immigration police

One thing I want to praise you about is that I was pleased for your Spanish translation in there. I know that there are some people in your community who don't speak English, so your Spanish translation would tend to be more effective to reach them. It may take some time for the Spanish-speaking people to learn the English language, because it is one of the hardest languages to learn. I am studying Spanish and not finding it easy to learn. My reason for studying Spanish is that it is our second national language.

Re: Water meeting in Pine

Jim Keyworth apparently was not at the water meeting last Wednesday in Pine, or else he would have had more to report on, like for instance, how the majority of those present felt about the developers really trying to take over the water company.

No. A domestic water district is not the answer. Water is the answer, and let the developers produce it at their expense, not ours.

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