Star Valley Man Recovering From Stab Wound


A Star Valley man is recovering from a stab wound he suffered in an attack Saturday night.

According to Gila County Sheriff's Det. George Ratliff, two teenagers came to the man's house earlier in the evening on Orion Drive with a bottle of liquor and wanted to discuss something involving one of the teens relationship with the victim's daughter.

"It had something to do with the juvenile being around the victim's daughter and the victim didn't want him around her," Ratliff said.

Ratliff said the two teens came over to confront the victim. They had a bottle of alcohol with them and when the victim took it away from them, a fight erupted and the victim struck the juvenile.

The juvenile and the other male, a 17-year-old, then left the home, Ratliff said.

Later that night, the victim heard a knock on the door and walked outside to an ambush.

"The next thing, he knew he got hit in the head with a board," Ratliff said. "There was more pushing and shoving. It was dark and the victim said he couldn't identify his attacker."

The victim started toward the road to alert neighbors.

"He fell to the ground and the next thing he knew, he got stabbed -- he felt a sharp pain in his buttocks," Ratliff said. "Then a neighbor came out and could not identify anyone but the juvenile."

Ratliff said alcohol was a factor with all the parties involved and the investigation is ongoing.

"I am trying to determine which one did the stabbing," Ratliff said. "I am conducting more interviews and expect to find out the truth in this incident."

Ratliff said the victim is recovering from his injuries.

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