We Must Work Hard To Defeat Bush



It is difficult to respect a president who has so little understanding of his own country, let alone the world.

Trying to persuade Hispanics, both legal and illegal, that he is another Benito Juarez, who will give them all 40 acres and a mule, is such a pathetic ploy to gain votes. He insults the American middle class with every platitude that comes out of his mouth.

The very people he is undercutting are the ones who have been there, done that. So many middle-income Americans began working by age 16 in menial, low-paying jobs and have only succeeded to some prosperity by very hard work, often without benefit of college, unless a gifted athlete. Now, they are told they are lazy as their jobs and any security disappears in the mad rush to corporate profit.

Hispanics from Mexico and other countries escape to the U.S.A. to work because they have never been able to find work at home. Of course, they are willing to take menial jobs for minimum pay when they have been denied a share of their country's wealth. And, the poorest U.S. citizens must compete with legions of illegals. These poorest have been badly educated, have no health care, live in sub-standard housing, have no safe child care, and often no transportation. In other words, all the shameful things that have been allowed to develop since the Vietnam War.

We now must work hard to defeat George W. and his cronies and elect (the absolute right and duty of every eligible citizen) people as untainted as possible to all public offices in safely-guarded, honest elections. Evil is not just embedded in individuals like Saddam, but can creep into any government when good people let it happen until it is too late to stop. That is when critics are silenced in many different ways as we have seen throughout history, including in our own United States of America, where we have so much at stake if we value the freedoms we are so quick to say we cherish.

Wanda Walker, Payson

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