Council Discusses Bb Guns, Play Vehicles


Regulating recreation tops the agenda as the town council will take action on an ordinance regarding motorized play vehicles and consider an ordinance prohibiting the "reckless use of BB guns and paintball guns within the town limits."

The council will hold its second regular meeting of the month this Thursday because of scheduling conflicts on Jan. 29.

Motorized play vehicles

The revised ordinance regulating motorized play vehicles provides for different limitations for electric and gas-powered vehicles.

"Combustion-engine-powered motorized play vehicles are both faster and louder than electric propulsion-system motorized play vehicles," according to the ordinance.

The council agreed at a workstudy earlier this month that the electric vehicles should be regulated like bicycles and gas-powered ones have much stricter regulation.

"We've looked at the issue a lot," Town Manager Fred Carpenter said. "It looks like it will go through this time."

The restrictions on gas-powered play vehicles include:

  • They cannot be operated on sidewalks and roadways with a speed limit greater than 25 mph.
  • Anyone under the age of 18 must carry a notarized permission slip from their parent or guardian when operating the vehicle. This note will have the name, date of birth and address of the minor, as well as address and contact number for the parent/ guardian. The note also will say that the guardian has read and discussed the ordinance with the child.
  • No person shall operate the vehicle at any time on town roads without a muffler that is in good working order to prevent excessive noise.

BB and paintball guns

Payson Police Chief Gordon Gartner will ask the council to draft an ordinance prohibiting the reckless use of BB guns and paintball guns within town limits.

In his summary, Gartner said that when the town code was overhauled in 2002, the section of an ordinance prohibiting the use of BB guns was inadvertently removed.

The ordinance Gartner recommends would "have language to the effect of prohibiting the reckless use of BB guns, paintball guns and other devices."

"Some of these instruments can cause significant injury or death if recklessly used and there is no ordinance at this time that governs the uses of these devices within town limits, nor does the state law address these devices," Gartner said.

As with the motorized play vehicles, the council will consider whether to instruct the town attorney to craft an ordinance regulating BB and paintball guns.

The Payson Event Center

The 36 acres known as the Payson Event Center has been the topic of executive sessions relating to its future.

Town Attorney Sam Streichman is requesting that council hire the services of an outside attorney to represent the town to assist with the potential future development of the 36 acres.

"This kind of contract is a very specialized field," Carpenter said. "If we decided to hook up with someone on the 36 acres, we'll need some expertise."

Although he cannot go into detail, Carpenter said that it looks like someone may lease the property as opposed to purchasing it.

Bill Sims of Moyes Storey in Phoenix is the firm chosen for this job. Sims' fee is $180 per hour and $80 per hour for his paralegal.

Transportation Committee

The council will consider an ordinance to create a surface transportation advisory committee.

Carpenter made the initial suggestion following the town hall meeting on street issues.

The duties and responsibilities of the new committee will be to advise and make recommendations to council on issues such as street improvement and development, funding sources for streets, and public transportation.

Under the ordinance, the seven-member committee will meet at least four times a year and the committee's staff advisor will be Public Works Engineer LaRon Garrett. Members will be appointed by the town council.

Regular meetings of the town council begin at 6 p.m. in council chambers at town hall. Meetings are open to the public.

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