Governor's Foresight Will Save Seniors Money



Governor Janet Napolitano's successful new Copper Card prescription drug discount plan will help low-income seniors because financial status determining eligibility is not a factor. Napolitano's program fills the gap in the new Medicare prescription drug benefit program while seniors are waiting to meet the deductible under when the new federal plan.

The governor has used the buying power of Arizona seniors to force down prices.

The Copper Card will be mailed to 1.1 million seniors without an enrollment fee. The new Medicare card will have an enrollment fee.

Substantial prescription drug discounts will now be available to Arizona seniors, through local merchants, without having to drive miles to Mexico to obtain competitive pricing. Those dollars will circulate within the Arizona economy. Arizona is one of the first states developing a plan to reduce senior's prescription drug costs and seniors can be thankful for the foresight by our state leader.

Gene Hinds, Payson

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