Governor's Kindergarten Plan Aimed At Impoverished Areas



After reading the Payson Roundup editorial regarding the governor's full-day kindergarten plan, I wanted to let you know that it is in error.

Your editorial asserts that few if any schools will meet the minimum criterion to receive full-day kindergarten funding. (Schools with more than 90 percent of students enrolled in the free- or reduced-fee lunch program would receive first-year funding.)

In fact, 250 schools in Arizona meet that requirement.

The governor's plan is to phase in all-day kindergarten funding over five years, starting in schools where poverty is the most widespread.

In your editorial, you based your assertions on the opinion of a local cafeteria worker. If you would like information from the governor's office on this or any topic, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Paul G. Allvin, Director of Communications, Office of Gov. Janet Napolitano

(Editor's note: Our editorial did say in the second paragraph that 250 Arizona schools would qualify for full-day kindergarten funding under the Governor's plan. The concern we expressed is for rural Arizona communities like Payson.)

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