Longhorn Fans Have Class



I just wanted to say a big thanks to the Longhorn soccer fans, after your teams hosted our girls and boys from Sinagua (Flagstaff) yesterday (Jan. 14).

Your great sportsmanship obviously carries over to your kids ... both your boys and girls are very competitive, but play clean and with lots of enthusiasm.

The Sinagua parents who traveled to your beautiful city were impressed from the time some stopped for directions to the field, all the way through dinner at the local Italian eatery. We wish you nothing but the best as you continue your new inclusion in 4A league play.

Thank you for a nice afternoon ... we will remember our trip for the neighborly conversation and local Payson warmth. And for the dad who I chatted with (he worked at the ball-boy on the sideline, and his daughter had to give up soccer due to a conflict with basketball ... but I didn't get his name), let me know when you next come this way ... I have a good deal of hospitality to repay!

Bill McGrath, Sinagua soccer dad

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