Town Needs A Girls Volleyball League



My name is Aubrey Laird, I am eighth grader at Rim Country Middle School. I was on the RCMS volleyball team, and it was really fun, but our season just ended.

I know there were many people who didn't make the team. Everyone tried their hardest, but they weren't good enough for the team. I really think those who didn't make it should have a chance to play volleyball where they automatically make it. They would have a chance to improve their volleyball skills, so they can have a better chance of making the team the next year.

It would also be a great opportunity for those who did make the team to improve their skills. The only way this could all happen is to start a Parks and Recreation Girls Volleyball League. Almost all of the other sports are involved in the town league, including adult volleyball, and I really think girls' volleyball should be part of it.

I hope the Payson Parks and Recreation will take this into consideration.

Aubrey Laird, Eighth-grader at RCMS

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