Byrnes Celebrate Golden Anniversary



Come out and celebrate 50 years of wedding bliss at Creekside with Charles and Wilene Byrne Saturday, Jan. 24.

Charles and Wilene have lived in Christopher Creek for 31 years now. They have seen a lot of changes over the years, but wouldn't leave for anything. They have two sons, five grandchildren and eight great grandchildren.

Saturday night's party will feature Dennis Louchard as the entertainment. Those of you who have never heard Dennis need to come out and join in for a night of great music.

You may even get to hear John Matus, owner of Creekside, belt out a few.

And speaking of belting out a song, if you have never heard Wilene sing, you don't know what you are missing.

Pony Express

Jan. 24 also is the deadline for turning in your Hashknife Pony Express letters. Letters are available at Tall Pines Market in Christopher Creek for $1. They also have the Pony Express posters for $10 that are autographed by the riders.

This year's ride will take place Wednesday, Jan. 28. The 46th Annual Hashknife Pony Express will ride down from Holbrook through Christopher Creek. They will be exchanging a mailbag in front of Creekside and also in front of Tall Pines Market this year. Debbie Aschbrenner, owner of the market, says the post office will have letters for them to pick up.

Riders will be congregating at Creekside waiting for the handoff as they have done in the past. Take some time off and come up to Christopher Creek for this annual event.

On the trail

As I drove by Tall Pines Market today, I had to do a double take. Debbie has two life-size horses tied up. But these are the kind you don't have to feed or clean-up after.

She is getting ready for the Pony Express ride. I told her those would be the only kind of horses I would be riding. The last time I was on a horse was about 20 years ago and my husband made sure I got the slowest horse around. It was part horse and part donkey.

Everyone else was done with their ride and me and my horse were still moseying along on the trail. They had to come and look for me.

On cue

Winners of Tuesday nights ladies nine ball competition at the Landmark were first place, Candy Hart; second place, Phyllis Mullen; and third place, Patty Boeshling. Candy is getting tougher to beat every week. I think some of you ladies need more practice.

Ladies, if you want to get involved in this, it takes place every Tuesday night at 6:30 p.m. One week it is at the Landmark and the next it is at the Double D. It's a lot of fun along with some munchies for the ladies to enjoy. Next week it is at Double D, Just show up and have some fun.

Remember you do not have to be a pool shark; it's just nine ball.

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