What's Up?


Q: This town has hundreds of houses that have junk in the front yard or stacked up in the carports. Over the last two years I have reported several addresses to the town that need cleaning up, but not one of them have been cleaned up. Is the town incapable of making the property owners clean up their property, or do we need tougher ordinances?

A: Gary Butkus, planning specialist with the Community Development Office, said the complaints that reach him are placed in a tracking database. "Sometimes the complainant wants to remain anonymous," Butkus said. "If I go to check on a situation and can't find the conditions, I am at a dead end and can't follow up."

He said the question was very timely, the town is planning a public forum on the issues of property clean-up, code enforcement and community involvement. The forum starts at 9 a.m., Saturday, Feb. 21 at the council chambers, and everyone is invited to participate.

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