Advisory Committee Doesn't Impugn Manager's Performance



Kudos to the Payson town council for directing town staff to prepare an ordinance for the creation of a new Airport Advisory Committee. The committee will provide a useful and needed forum for Payson citizens -- both pilots and non-pilots alike -- to discuss airport policy matters.

As a purely advisory body concerned only with policy (and not day-to-day operations), we expect that the committee will operate like the advisory panels of other town departments such as the building department and parks and recreation.

Non-pilot citizens of Payson, please be aware of this important point: local pilots who desire the creation of this committee do not wish to usurp the authority of airport management. We simply wish to have an official venue to discuss important airport policy matters.

Creation of a new Airport Advisory Committee in no way impugns the performance of town or airport management, just as the creation of the new Surface Transportation Advisory Committee does not impugn the performance of the town engineer.

No reasonable person would argue that the mere existence of advisory committees in other town departments weakens or interferes with the function of those departments' managers. In the creation of the new Airport Advisory Committee, we pilots are simply asking that the airport department be treated similarly to these other town departments.

The 78 members of the Payson Pilots Association look forward to having the new Airport Advisory Committee be a constructive, cordial and communicative body providing useful advice to the mayor and town council on matters regarding airport policy.

Robert P. Oswald, President, Payson Pilots Association

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