Common Sense Can't Compete With Greed



Having read Ned Weatherby's scapegoating letter, I thought the Roundup must have been short of letters to print it. It was very long and very ridiculous. I, for one, would like to know just exactly what the policy is of our Arizona forest lands that have been decimated by drought, disease and fire. Surely, the Democrats can't be blamed for drought, disease and fire.


There are so many dead trees now that the lumber people ought to be able to stay busy for many years in removing them.

I have lived in Washington and Oregon and saw beautiful forest land clear cut, with a lot of resulting flooding.

I lived in California for 30 years and am sure there would not be one redwood tree standing, even General Grant in Kings Canyon, if the lumber people had their way. We surely have learned something about forests being a renewable resource and still be able to protect the environment.

Greed is such a dominant force in the country now that good policy and common sense can't compete. So we must rely on people, mostly young with no party affiliation, who may seem crazy, but are still willing to try and protect their and our natural resources.

As for Spud Henry's letter, I really doubt if people were booing Dr. King's contributions, but were only booing President Bush. I love his quotes about prejudice though. How true they are.

Wanda Walker, Payson

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