Fox Is Watching The Hen House



Ned Weatherby's letter to the editor makes reference to Democratic presidential candidates who know nothing about forest issues other than press releases given to them by radical "greens," all Democrats want to restore the rights of radical greens, and rural Arizonans should contact these Democrats and let them know the truth about their ignorant forest proposals.

President Bush has signed into law, last month, The Healthy Forest Restoration Act. The United States now has a new law allowing logging, to reduce/eliminate destructive forest fires, and cattle grazing, on cleared government property, after the logging operations have been completed.

How many of us living in northern Gila County know the name Mark Rey? Rey, for 20 years, was the wealthy timber industry lobbyist. For 20 years, Rey would visit legislators, supporting the timber industry, pouring thousands of dollars into their re-election campaign.

Last year, the deep pockets timber industry gave Bush $130,000 for his 2004 re-election campaign. In February 2002, Bush appoints Mark Rey to be Under Secretary of Agriculture for Resources and Environment. Wow. What were his duties? Write the now enacted, Healthy Forest Restoration Act. The fox watching the hen house.

Is the program, "fair and balanced"? What would an ordinary person think? It would seem to me the timber industry prevailed.

"All Democrats want to restore the rights of the radical greens." Should "All" Democrat Senators voted against the Healthy Forest Restoration Act, it would not have come law. Republicans would not have had the necessary 60 approval votes. Democrats must have supported the bill, right? Senators Kyl or McCain indicated no Senator worked harder to get the Healthy Forest Restoration Act past the Senate then California Democrat Senator Diane Fienstein.

Initially, there were four U.S. Senate Democratic presidential candidates. There was a Senate voice vote approving the Healthy Forest Restoration Act. There were few "nay" voice votes. I can only guess the Senate presidential candidates voted for the Act.

Based upon the above, it appears not all Democrats were against the Act and do not support the endless challenge of sane forest management.

If it were me, I would write these Democrats and thank them for passing a timber industry written Healthy Forest Restoration Act limiting legal actions previously available to those "radical" greens.

Gene Hinds, Democrats of Northern Gila County, Payson

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