Sanctity Of Marriage Must Be Protected


During his state of the union address, President Bush stood firm on an issue that struck a chord with many Americans -- that of protecting the sanctity of marriage.

We live in a world in which the ever-swelling waves of political correctness threaten to erode the very foundation of the family unit.

Like President Bush, I believe that marriage is ordained of God between a man and a woman. I also believe that many of the troubles facing the world today stem from broken or failing families.

I recall a short story I heard when I was a young man that illustrates this point:

A small boy tugs at his father's pants as he reads the newspaper and asks, "Father will you play with me?"

The father says, "Not now, son. I'm reading."

A few minutes later the boy tugs again, "How about now father?" he asks.

Frustrated, the father looks down on the coffee table and sees a magazine. He flips the pages and finds a picture of the world. The father tears the picture out and rips it into small pieces.

"Son, here is some tape. When you put this picture back together, I'll play with you," the father responded.

Thinking his son will now be kept busy for a while, the father starts reading again. But to his surprise the boy is tugging at his pants only moments later.

"I'm done, father. Now will you play with me?"

Amazed at seeing the picture repaired so quickly, the father asks, "Son, how did you do that so fast?"

"It was easy," said the boy. "On the back of the picture was a picture of a family. I just put the family back together and the whole world fell into place."

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