‘What's Next' Is Up To Us



It all happened so fast, a water district was established, a board of directors was elected, and seven people could not agree on anything.

Then, resignations were tendered until there were too few members to function according to law so Gila County had no choice but to take control of the situation, which has apparently upset a few former members of the water district board.

Now, progress is being made, and the residents of Pine and Strawberry will reap the benefit of an effective program to develop our water resources.

Mr. Brown asks "who is profiting from the revocation of the former board of directors and their authority?" The answer is all of us who live in the water district.

Now that decisions can be made, decisions will be made, and, John Q. Public is cordially invited to participate in the decision-making process. The result will be that a long-term solution to the water shortage will be accomplished.

We are standing at the threshold of being self sufficient, dependent upon only our good judgment and our desire to work as a community toward solving our problems, and all it takes is for us to get off the dime and make it happen.

Mr. Brown suggests that the solution lies in finding more water, I say not until we control the delivery system. Then we can find more water. Otherwise, our water will become the property of Brooke Utilities and we will be paying much more than we need to pay.

We (the community) can afford to buy and improve the water system, and that Mr. Brown is what you should be getting behind. Sign the petition, encourage all property owners in the PSWID to do likewise.

A new board will be elected when that scenario will best serve the needs of the community, and not before.

When PSWID is reformed as PSDWID (Pine Strawberry Domestic Water Improvement District) and we own the delivery system, good things will happen and you will be glad that you were on the winning team.

That is, if you join the winning team.

Jim Estess, PSWID Advisory Group member, Pine

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