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Q: Is the town moving forward with plans to stock the Green Valley Lakes with algae-eating fish?

A: According to Bill Schwind, Payson Parks and Recreation director, there's been an unexpected turn that's put the plan on hold.

"We're still working with Game and Fish on the tilapia, or algae-eating fish," he said. "The fish fence (to restrict accidental spread of a non-native species) is becoming somewhat of a problem. So is the tilapia itself. I've got a report from (G&F) and I think some of the lakes in the Valley are experiencing problems with them. If lake temperature drops below 55 degrees they die. So a lot of our efforts might go to waste. The fish that we would need to bring in here, and keep on a year-round basis to help us with algae control, might not survive a season due to lake temperatures."

Q: Is Green Valley Lake still going to get a new boat dock?

A: Parks and Recreation director Bill Schwind says plans are still on for the new dock on the west side of the main lake near the boat ramp.

"Local scuba diver Mike Wicks, who will be working on the installation of the boat dock, has had a tight schedule so it's a bit delayed," Schwind said. "We are ordering the dock. It will be about a six-week project -- four on the delivery and two on the install."

The new dock will provide an area were people can tie up boats closer to their vehicles and will allow easier access in and out of boats at the main Green Valley Lake.

Q: Does the town of Payson have a website?

A: Surfers on the World Wide Web can find a variety of information about Payson at www.ci.payson.az.us. There, you'll find information about parks and recreation programs, the list of candidates running for local office, employment opportunities, and even a video of a bald eagle spotted at Green Valley Park.

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