Woman Attacked By Dogs To Make Full Recovery


When 78-year-old Naomi Walton was knocked to the ground by two loose dogs in November, her prognosis was grim. Yet, after being taken off life support and nearly dying several times, Walton survived.

"After about four days in hospice, at 5:30 a.m., she looked over at me and said, ‘Good morning, Franklin,'" Walton's husband, Franklin Spicer, said.


After weeks in a coma, Naomi Walton, 78, was taken off life support and her feeding tube was removed. Four days after being put in a hospice bed, Walton awoke and is now recovering. She is swimming, attending family parties and traveling with her husband.

Although Walton has some residual effects from her injuries, she is now spending her days swimming, attending family functions, and seeing the country with her husband.

Walton and Spicer were leaving their home on North Vista Drive Nov. 7 when two, young dogs running through the street, jumped up on Walton, knocking her to the concrete driveway.

"She had a broken hip," Spicer said. "But then she began having seizures and was put on life support."

Walton's family decided to take her off life support after she lay in a coma for several weeks.

Walton was taken off life support and her feeding tube was removed. Spicer sat by her bedside and four days later, Walton awoke from her coma.

"She wasn't ready to go yet," Spicer said.

Spicer and Walton, married three years, celebrated her recovery by reaffirming their wedding vows. The two are now heading back to their home in Monterey, Calif., but plan to continue seeing the country in their travel trailer.

Spicer said they have no plans to take legal action against the dogs' owner -- enjoying life is their focus.

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