Your Town Council At A Glance


Jan. 22 Payson Town Council Meeting

The issue: The council unanimously approved the final draft of an ordinance that would regulate motorized play vehicles. The ordinance states that electric scooters shall fall under bicycle regulations, while combustion engine vehicles are required to follow more rigid regulations.

Operators of gas-powered play vehicles will be required to carry a notarized permission slip from a parent or guardian and are restricted to where they can ride within town limits.

What it means: Parents and children who own a combustion engine play vehicle must get familiar with the new ordinance or they can face a civil penalty that could include a fine.

What's next? Police Chief Gordon Gartner said his officers will allow a few weeks before enforcing the ordinance, but will stop violators and educate them on the new regulations.

The issue: Council narrowly approved directing staff to draft an ordinance that would re-establish the Airport Advisory Board. Councilors Dick Wolfe, Judy Buettner and Barbara Brewer opposed reforming a board because they said it was unnecessary and would only make it more difficult for Airport Manager Ted Anderson to do his job. All three councilors felt creating another board would allow a small group of pilots to micro-manage or circumvent Anderson to accomplish their own personal agenda.

Mayor Ken Murphy and Councilors Robert Henley, Bryan Siverson and Dick Reese said the board should be given a chance and that measures could be taken to see that problems of the former board would not happen again.

What it means: A group of residents will make recommendations to the town council regarding issues relating to the airport. The airport manager will have to work with the board that will be appointed by the mayor.

What's next? The town attorney will draft an ordinance creating the advisory board. Council will vote on the ordinance and if it is approved, the mayor will appoint the required number of members to the board.

The issue: Council unanimously voted to direct the town attorney to draft an ordinance prohibiting the reckless use of BB, pellet and paintball guns within town limits.

A previous ordinance pertaining to these type of instruments was inadvertently left out when the town codes were re-written.

Gartner said that while state law regulates firearms, there is a void where BB and paintball guns are concerned. He said officers need an ordinance that provides consequences for those who use the instruments recklessly.

What it means: Those who use BB and paintball guns must make sure they are operating them in a safe fashion or they will be in violation of the ordinance.

What's next? The town attorney will draft an ordinance that will come before council for review in the coming weeks.

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