Chase Is The Friendliest Person, And A Good Son



You do not know me. My permanent residence is not in Payson but I am a resident at Manzanita Manor in Payson at this time.

While I have been here, I have sat at the dining table of Jim Chase's mother, Ella Bosc, and have gotten to know some of her family. Some of the family have come from Washington D.C., the state of Washington, and Phoenix to visit during the holidays. They help whomever they can while being here to visit with Ella. We all have come to depend on them for many things. They are a close-knit and joyous group, to say the least.

Ella's son Jim, who seems to be the patriarch, is "the wind beneath their wings," if my observation is correct. He is no doubt the friendliest person I have seen in a long time (since our world is in countdown unless we change it soon).

Among other things, Jim brightens our world here with his accordion, playing happy music at dinner. One night recently, they played Santa to our wing of the nursing home, bringing large stuffed animals to everyone (I got a hippo). Some of the ladies here do not even leave their "pets" alone, but take them with them at mealtime (even one gentleman).

We, all of us, are overwhelmed by the generosity and sweetness of spirit that they exhibit in such a joyous way.

Thank you, Jim and family, for the smiles you have brought to us here in the nursing home and Christmas spirit that is the true meaning of Christmas. Those smiles are sorely missing here at the holidays and throughout the entire year.

Thank you, Jim and family. May you have a happy New Year.

Mattie Jo Sears, Manzanita Manor

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