Help Protect Locals From Higher Taxes



As a local citizen here in Payson, I feel greatly offended by some new ideas of monetary ramifications.

I understand that the Payson Unified School District is planning on raising taxes in part to build an alternative school. From what I understand, they plan to do this because of the increasing dropout rate of the public schools and due to drug use.

However, we already have an alternative school, by the name of Star Valley School, which has been picking up a lot of that dropout rate.

From what I understand, the school has been there for over four years now, and they are planning on expanding their campus without affecting taxes.

After speaking with so many folks around the town, I realized that a lot of us are having a hard enough time making ends meet with the low-paying jobs and high cost of living.

I have been collecting unemployment for about three months now, and it will run out soon. While looking for a job since I was last employed in September, I tried to get more help to have bread on the table. The unemployment does not pay all of my bills, let alone feed me. Therefore, I have applied with AHCCCS, through Department of Economic Security to get medical benefits and some food stamps.

Apparently, even the small amount of unemployment that I receive each week is too much, and I don't qualify for that kind of help. I am barely making it as it is, and I don't want this happening to others.

If I do find a job soon, I don't care to have extra money coming out of my hard-earned paycheck to go to something that isn't even necessary and a big waste of our community's money.

If it is found to be necessary to build another alternative school to reach out to more kids, then I challenge the district to find funding through grants, charitable donations, and to stay out of the pockets of those already in need of help.

Let the public voice their opinions to school district and this fine local paper to find out whether or not it is unanimous that we are to have more money taken out of what the government is already taking.

The more voices that are heard, the easier it will be to work together on this. Help protect our community and its economy.

Lisa Levine, Payson

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