Hot Chocolate To Warm Those Cold Winter Days



For those of you who are reading this column from somewhere other than the Rim country, the weather has been downright chilly and snowy.

Believe it or not, there is snow still on the ground from last week's storm. The accumulation was not nearly enough to alleviate the drought conditions in our area, but the few inches we received was nevertheless very welcome.

For a while last week, the Village looked like a winter wonderland. The Village kids had a wonderful time with their snow toys and I noticed many vehicles parked alongside the road and the kids were piling out of the cars to make snowmen and throw snowballs at each other. The scene reminded me of when we lived in Yuma and when we heard that it had snowed in the mountains on the way to San Diego, we would pile the children in the car and head for Pine Valley. We would have a thermos of ot chocolate to warm them, long with some dry clothes. It was great fun.

Tonto Village Fire District

There is much news concerning our fire district this week. Theost fantasticews is that the fire board has approved the purchase of a new 2,500-gallon pumper fire truck. The probable date of delivery will be sometime in April.

I did not mention in last week's column that the Beaver Valley Volunteer Fire Department was also on the scene of the house fire in Meads Ranch last week.I must apologize for the omission. Thank you, gentlemen, for your help.

A generous offer of an old brown trailer that sits on an empty lot on Standage Drive as been donated to the fire district. It will be taken to the back lot of the fire station and it will be used as a fire training facility for all of the Northern Gila County fire departments.

Clearing of the slash from around the Village is temporarily halted because of the wet weather, but will start again as soon as the ground dries up a bit more.

Contact Chief J.R. Alliger at the fire station if you would like to volunteer your time. The phone number for the fire station is (928) 478-4875.

Alliger also is stressing the need of everyone to be careful of chimney fires. Since the weather has been cold, everyone likes a roaring fire, but the fire danger is very real if you have not taken the precaution of having your chimney cleaned out before the winter season.

If you have not done so, arrange to get your chimney cleaned out as soon as possible. Have a fire extinguisher handy at all times. The fire station will gladly check yours to make sure it is in proper working order.

Alliger said that a pot of water thrown on the fire will create enough steam to extinguish a chimney fire. Also it is a good idea to have baking soda handy.

Election time

I will be helping again this year on the election committee. I will be at the R-Bar-C Boy Scout Camp on Tuesday, Feb. 3. This is called a Presidential Preference election and is open to only Democrats and Independents.

Ballots have been mailed out to all the eligible voters and should be mailed in, but for those who would like to come to the polling places, the Zane Grey District will be open from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m.

If you are eligible to do so, I encourage you to cast your vote Tuesday.

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