Lack Of Empathy Is Puzzling



This is addressed to all those good folks that happened to be traveling up or down Highway 260 on the night of Jan. 24, Saturday. Somewhere around 8 or 9 p.m., west of Heber. One heck of a snowstorm, slow traffic, road like glass.

I'm the lady who spun out in the middle of the road, did a 360, careened into the ditch, through the ditch and slammed into the embankment. Not one person stopped. Oh yes, you all slowed down enough to get a good look. All the people behind me looked, all the oncoming vehicles slowed and looked, but no one stopped and offered a helping hand.

Finally, all you drivers had moved on and I was left there, completely alone. Gee, I'm really surprised no one even waved.

My reason for writing this isn't to remind anyone that we are all in this life together -- I think it's too late for that. It's the total lack of empathy, compassion, and caring for another human being that has me puzzled.

You know, the next time it could be your wife, mother or daughter.

Cherry Marrone, Payson

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