Let A Trial Decide Their Fate



I will attempt to address the front page article printed on Jan. 23, 2004, regarding the trial of Dr. Mark Mouritsen and his wife Carolyn.

Where is the policy of a responsible paper protecting the names of the accused if children are a concern?

I will not accept any excuse for this story making front page news with bold headlines and mug shots.

This family has been accused, tried, convicted and "Run out of town" by the most irresponsible reporting I have ever read. How could such a vicious attack on a family be allowed?

In today's world of medicine, there is a medication for almost every ailment known to man but, there is also a dark side. Addiction, the ugly side effect of the cure. No one is immune from this, no one.

Anyone who has ever loved or even known a person addicted will tell these sad stories with compassion and a sense of wanting to help.

Instead, the Roundup has chosen to attack and destroy. This article can be viewed as nothing short of a vicious attack.

I've known Dr. Mouritsen and Carolyn since they started in Payson. I am a regular patient of his.

I moved my family to Payson for health reasons. I have seen scores of doctors and specialists through the years of my ailment and I will tell you all that, Dr. Mouritsen and his wife Carolyn, were by far the most understanding and compassionate of these doctors and nurses.

If a trial finds there is guilt here, the fact that his office was scheduled to close shows that a problem was acknowledged and steps were being made to take time off and heal. This was not a case of a man ready to flee and go on the run with a wife and two children.

Does a man who devoted his life to helping people deserve this type of persecution? Everybody is human and susceptible to the downfalls of addiction, even doctors. Whatever happened to a community pulling together and helping a family in need?

The detectives clearly state that there was no monetary motive in this. Addiction is an illness and should be treated as such. Let a trial decide their fate, not the Roundup.

I can't help but go back to a letter to the editor that Dr. Mouritsen wrote last summer about the reporting on an incident at a softball game. Remember?

Tim Nelson, Payson

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