Medical Board Says It Can't Help Mouritsen's Patients


Patients of Dr. Mark Mouritsen will have to obtain their medical records from him or a staff person from his office, according to a spokesperson from the Arizona Medical Board.

"We have no way of getting those records," Lisa McGrane said. "We regulate physicians and we require them to keep records, but we don't take possession of records if they've been arrested."

Mouritsen was arrested Jan. 22 and charged with 17 counts of obtaining prescription narcotics by fraud. Mouritsen's office was the target of a three-month investigation by the Payson Police Department. His wife, Carolyn, also was arrested and charged with 11 counts of forgery and 17 counts of obtaining narcotics by fraud.

Since the arrests, the office has been closed and Mouritsen's patients have been trying to get their medical records.

"I would suggest that patients send their request in writing to the office and hopefully, they will have someone there who will respond," McGrane said. "I understand they have a new voice mail message, but it's full. I would encourage patients to just keep calling."

McGrane said the board's hands are tied where this issue is concerned.

"When doctors get put in jail, it's really hard for us because the law doesn't say what has to happen at that point," McGrane said. "It's a difficult dilemma. Even if we could give out records, we don't have the personnel to take up that endeavor."

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