Police Nab Suspected Bank Robber


Payson police nabbed a man wanted in Apache Junction for robbing a Wells Fargo Bank in the Valley.

Jonathan Max King, 24, of Apache Junction, was arrested and extradited to Maricopa County, where he faces two counts of armed robbery.

"On Jan. 21, we received some information from the Apache Junction Police Department that there was an individual in our community who was a suspect in a bank robbery in December that they were investigating," Payson Police Lt. Don Engler said. "Through the afternoon, the information continued to improve and we determined that he was, in fact, here in the Payson area."

Officers set up surveillance around a residence where they believed King was staying. When he left and began walking down the Beeline Highway, undercover officers followed him.

Officers followed King into Wal-Mart. When he exited the store and headed south, Sgt. Todd Bramlet and Officer Ben Moss arrested him in the Foxworth-Galbraith parking lot.

Officers found a flare gun and drug paraphernalia during the arrest.

"He was charged with possession of paraphernalia in Gila County," Engler said, "but that's minor compared to what he's facing in Maricopa County."

Engler said he was not given the details of the bank robbery because of the ongoing investigation, but that officers from Apache Junction were anxious to get their hands on King.

"They came and got him that evening," Engler said. "They were fairly interested in him."

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