Stop The Wholesale Export Of Our Children



I am writing this letter as a longtime member of this community and not as an employee of the Payson Unified School District.

My family and I have lived in Payson for more than 20 years, and throughout most of that time I have been employed by PUSD #10. We raised our son in this community, and have been able to watch him and his family grow and prosper.

It is this perspective from which my thoughts tumble.

I am appalled by the apparent apathy regarding educational decisions currently being made by our Payson school board. Monumental decisions are currently being considered that will substantially alter the delivery of services in this district.

Citizens should be crowding the board room at every opportunity in order to become more knowledgeable about these decisions, and yet --pathy reigns.

It is completely appalling to me that the entire community became enraged over a calendar, but is willing to surrender its rights on such substantial issues. Shame on us.

I have personally watched small groups of citizens exert substantial influence on decisions at school board meetings. This is your right and responsibility as a citizen, and think of the example we set for our children when we give these rights away.

Some of us are "old" and tired, and we could certainly use some help. We will continue to exercise our rights as citizens, and it would certainly be encouraging to see some passion in our community on issues of importance to us all.

Our children are the most valuable resource we have, and we allow wholesale export of this precious commodity every year.

I would like for my son and his family to have a reason to make their home here some day.

Ginger Sparks, Payson

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