What's Up?


Q: I'm an eighth grade student at RCMS. I'd like to find out what it would cost to stop building new stuff, and just fix the old stuff? The street signs in some parts of town are barely legible, and some aren't legible at all.

A: LaRon Garrett, town streets engineer said if a street sign isn't legible, all a resident needs to do is let his department know about it and they will replace it.

"We replace the signs on a routine basis," Garrett said. "And in the newer developments, they are put in by the developer and then we maintain them."

To alert Garrett and street department about a problem with a street sign, call (928) 474-5242, ext. 283.

Q: Why did the post office remove the local drop box from in front of their office? Now, patrons will put all their mail in the drop box at the town hall, and the post office will have to separate it.

A: The local drop box outside the post office was damaged by a vehicle and is being replaced, a postal spokesperson said. A "local" sign has been put on one of the other boxes until the replacement arrives. All of the mail in the blue drop boxes is sorted anyway.

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