Bill Mexico For Services Rendered



A county commissioner in Idaho, Robert Vasquez, was recently singled out for special attention after suggesting that the Mexican government should reimburse local taxpayers for their expenses. "My fellow Americans, constituents, friends and neighbors expect their county commissioner to spend the taxes on services for Americans, not on illegal aliens' health care, education or detention."

A lesson for the feds: A county commissioner in Idaho has billed the Mexican government about $2 million for illegal aliens who have been on the taxpayers' dole.

Canyon County Commissioner Robert Vasquez mailed the bill to the closest Mexican consulate in Salt Lake City. He says the county is due more than $1.4 million for jailing and more than $575,000 for doctoring foreign lawbreakers over the past two years.

"By federal law, we're required to provide them services," Vasquez said, "so I thought ... then perhaps we ought to bill the nation of origin."

How about Arizona sending a bill for all the expenses we have with the illegals? I'm sure it would exceed a paltry $2 million.

Norma Foxen

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