Conservation Needed To Keep Taps Flowing



The months seem to be whizzing by so fast that it is hard to believe that July is here already, with the big holiday weekend creeping up on us. Many of the village residents will be expecting family and friends to visit them over the long weekend, so Jerry Bauler, Tonto Village Water Company's representative, urges all villagers to be mindful of our water shortage. Please use our precious water sparingly, and no outside watering of trees and lawns. If we can be more frugal, Jerry tells me that he will not have to shut the water off between the hours of 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. for the weekend. But, if we use too much, he will have to shut the water off to allow the tanks to regenerate themselves. In the worst case scenario, extra water would be needed to fill up our tankers if there was a fire in our area.

Tonto Village Fire District

Since we have a water shortage, Chief Alliger wants to assure all villagers and residents of the surrounding areas that the water tanker trucks are filled to capacity. He also urges all residents not to use any type of fireworks. Report any fires that you see, including anyone burning anything in their yards. Since the forest is closed all around us, there will be no quad riding anywhere around the perimeter of the village. If you see any violators, please call the Sheriff's Department.

If there are people who want to know the status of the Willow Fire, there is a website you can access for information. Type:\whitney. There is also a phone number that is available for you to call for information -- (928) 468-1230.

Birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

Marie Coley of Tonto Village II will have a double celebration this weekend. Not only will she be celebrating 4th of July, but her birthday as well, it's on July 3. Have a great day, Marie. Kay King of Tonto Village III and Ethel Cain, our restaurateur extraordinaire, will share the same birth date on July 7. Patty Boeschling, who is another of the ladies who do not live in the village, but visits at least every other week for the ladies pool tournaments, will have a birthday on July 9. Happy birthday to all of you.

Happy anniversary wishes to our very best fishing buddies, Rick and Theresa Meeker of Tonto Village II, on their 31st wedding anniversary on July 6. Bill and I wish for the both of you, many more good years together.

Chalk dust flying

Cliff Landrum was the lucky winner of the $50 prize awarded to the winner of the Sunday afternoon pool games. Cliff's brother, Jerry shot for second place and Ryan Thiel took third place. Sunday pool games have become quite a competition for first place now that there is such a great prize. Try your luck this Sunday at the Double D. starting at 3 p.m.

The Ladies played this week at the Double D and Betty Koutz was the top winner. Audra Wessel, who is staying at Kohl's Ranch for a while, took second and Kara Shaw came in third.

Get well wishes

Paul Livermore ,who has been a resident of Mead Ranch for many years, is in intensive care in Phoenix. He is going through a bout of double pneumonia and kidney infection. If you would like to send him a get-well card, please call Robert Winchester at (928) 478-4531 for the address. Everyone wishes him a speedy recovery especially those who know him so well at Mead Ranch.

Bear Flat

There have been many people who have ignored the closed signs at the entry of Bear Flat and have been found camping there for the past few weeks. A few of the residents have told them that they cannot stay, but they have been unsuccessful in stopping the people from coming down there. Anyone who sees violators, can call the Sheriff's Department. Get their license numbers if possible. They will be fined if they do not move out of the area.

With all the negative news going on, I want to say that we should celebrate our nation's birthday and it is too bad that we need to be so careful of so many things. Just be sure that it is a safe holiday for you and your friends and family, and please fly your flag proudly. I know I will. We live in the greatest country in the world, and many of us take it for granted. There were many of our ancestors who fought hard for what we have in this country, give them a thought as you celebrate this weekend.

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