Melodrama Was Terrific Treat



If you missed the Christopher Creek Musical Melodrama "The Pleasant Sally War" last weekend, you really missed out on a lot of fun, a lot of talent, and some great musical numbers.

I saw the melodrama Thursday night and I was really impressed with everyone involved in it. The director of this melodrama was Kathleen Kelly. She herself is an actress, singer and songwriter. She did a terrific job and deserves a big thanks. Annette Godfrey produced this play and put and enormous amount of time an energy into it. She also played Grey, a very delightful and fun character. This woman just beams with energy.

Wanda Palmer wrote the play and music. Hats off to her, she did a great job and was outstanding on stage as well. There she stood on center stage with her old-fashioned dress, bloomers and, of course, combat boots. She said the boots belonged to the real Art Gardner. She was adorable as she kicked her heels up in one scene, or should I say her combat boots.

Diena Burns was on the piano, and every time someone would do something she would hit that note. A very talented lady. Sandy Human provided all the props and Charlie Martin painted all the scenery, doing a fantastic job on it. It looked like not so young Arizona. You can tell she is really talented.

And the costumes put you right in that place and time. Hats off to Claudia Gesell. This is her third year doing the costumes. With the help of Vicki Grootegoed everyone is this play looked awesome.

The story they told took place under the Tonto Rim in an area called Notsoyoung. It told the tale of two young lovers, and their families who had been feuding for generations. Throughout the performances they ask the audience to feel free to boo, hiss and clap as the situation dictates. The audience really got into this part especially when the villain, "Dogweazel" -- better known as Don McDaniels -- came on stage. He made a perfect villain. His voice was great for this part and so was his laugh. My daughter couldn't wait for him to come on stage so she could boo at him.

Another character that got the brunt of the boos was Factual Freddie played by Grant Coley. Every time someone would say something that wasn't factual he would stand up and yell "That's not the way it happened".

Charlie Clausen played Clay Ashby/Announcer and he would get right in factual Freddie's face and tell him to sit down, to shut up and that it was a melodrama and therefore they could say what they want. The audience roared with laughter.

Some of the younger actors did a fantastic job. Chalise Cole played Tawnie Rae Toothfary and when she sang, it was beautiful. A lot of talent from a young lady. Robert Richardson played her young lover, Billie Joe Gram and he had so much enthusiasm the audience really got into it. Young Jamie Richardson played Amy Perkins and she kept the audience going.

Everyone involved in this melodrama did a great job. It took months of rehearsals for the crew, and it truly showed Thursday night for the first performance. The audience cannot wait until next year to see what kind of play they will come up with. Hats off to everyone involved in this melodrama. You gave a lot of talent and laughter to the community of Christopher Creek.

Other happenings

Don't forget the 4th of July potluck at the Christopher Creek Bible Church Sunday after services. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Vacation Bible School starts the July 5 at the Christopher Creek Bible Fellowship Church. This year's theme is Castles and Coasters, for more information call Teresa Purtee at 928-478-4337.

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