Supervisor Tries To Silence Citizens



On Tuesday, June 8 the Gila County Board of Supervisors met as the Board of Directors of the Pine/Strawberry Water Improvement District.his was an open meeting held in the Pine Cultural Hall. Of the approximately 200 people in attendance, about 175 were citizens of Pine and Strawberry.r. Ron Christensen chaired the meeting.

In response to citizens voicing their objections to the activities of the supervisors (acting as the PSWID Board), he responded to the citizens with a condescending attitude.

Christensen voiced his criticism of the public expression of opinion by our district taxpayers in both the Payson Roundup editorial pages and informative public meetings.
Christensen seems to think that the right to free speech ends before Highway 87 reaches Pine and Strawberry.he citizens of these communities most certainly do not deserve or appreciate a lecture by a county supervisor who, through encouraging unlimited building permits and new housing developments, exacerbates our severe water issues.

We are deeply distressed by the county supervisors continuing to spend our tax dollars and make decisions that are the responsibility of the citizen district board of directors, elected by the property owners of the district.

If this is the best the county supervisors can do, they should stay in Globe and immediately give us back our water district.hey are not part of the solution but most certainly a big part of the problem.

Toni Sorel, Pine

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