Don't Be Misled By Leaders, Media



Don't be misled by the propaganda of our leaders and media that we are fighting a few bad extremists.

The people who were televised cheering in the Arab cities were not hooded thugs, but Islamic men, women and children. It was they who were cheering the murder, burning and dismemberment of the American contractors in Fallujah. A holy war has been declared against us.

The true character of Islam, and its founder Mohammed, is well-explained in Craig Winn's excellent book "Prophet of Doom."

Some tactics of these unholy madmen are: turning their children into human bombs and the taking of hostages -- quite the opposite of the Western Christian method of war. With their religion, it is OK to kill anyone who will not conform to Islam. Any god that would approve of such acts is not a god that I would care to know.

Of course, we were meddling in their affairs and supporting Israel's violence against the Palestinians. Our Constitution does not permit offensive actions -- and we are paying dearly for allowing our presidents and congress to ignore the Constitution. We have troops in over 60 nations, and we are not using any troops to protect our borders from outright invasion.

Russ Krueger, Payson

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