Environmentalists Give Stock Answers To Things They Know Little About



Let's put petroleum on the endangered list.

I usually don't respond to the likes of Ms. Crane, as their information stems from stocked answers to things they know very little about; plus this propaganda is generated by extremists like Robert Kennedy, Jr, and our liberal-left university professors. This environmental movement represents, for the most part, the new liberal left.

As for the Anwar Alaskan area: this has the potential of being one of the largest, if not the largest, petroleum field in North America. Anwar has been studied and explored geologically, geophysically, and extensively core-drilled in great detail with environmental concern, over several years.

The environmental propaganda states that this potential oil field would contribute only one year's supply of fuel. The Kern River oil field in Bakersfield, Calif. was discovered in the 1830s and is still producing 40-60 million barrels of oil per year for a total of 1 billion 500 million barrels since being put on production in the 1880s. Kern River is small potatoes to the potential of Anwar.

We use petroleum for much more than just fuel to operate our vehicles. Petroleum is used in thousands of our products, too numerous to name. There are many more examples I could give Ms. Crane and her environmental pals and professors.

The Middle East is a powder keg and our source of oil supply could be terminated at any time. I know the environmentalists have a stock answer for this also. Maybe we could substitute whale oil? The dodo bird has been extinct now for over 100 years, and life just seems to go on very well without them.

It occurs to me there are still numerous oil fields in Alaska that are producing oil after 40-50 years or more. Thank goodness we have them while we are in World War III.

By the way, I believe RFK still uses private jets and limos to travel in. -- The elite, you know. I am very happy that Senator Kerry has plenty of the big bucks to pay the cost of heating and cooling his five castles and fuel his private jet and fleet of family vehicles and SUVs. He is all for doing more for the environment, you know.

Edwin A. Welge, Retired Supervising Oil and Gas Engineer Dist. 4, State of California, Licensed Geologist with Arizona and California

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