Gould Answered The Question



"True statements are not divisive."

Bill Michaelis' letter of June 29 appears to be from someone who did not read my letter of June 22, or chose to use his own interpretation.

My letter was meant to correct some out-of-context statements, made by Russ Hustead in his June 18 letter, attributed to Jim Hill of The Door Stop, and Mayor Barbara Brewer.

If Mr. Michaelis will read the fourth paragraph of my letter, Bob Gould answered the question, "Has The Door Stop ever exceeded the current town of Payson sound ordinance for an industrial zone?", with NO.

I believe the answer by Mr. Gould answers both of your questions: (1) and (2) at the end of your letter.

I did not respond to Mr. Hustead's interpretation of an industrial zone, as Bob Gould's answer was clear that The Door Stop had not violated the M-1 light industry zone ordinance.

The purpose and intent of Payson's M-1 zoning is for a "predominance of industrial activities conducted in a manner not to cause inconvenience or disturb neighboring properties." Where the code prohibits inconveniencing or disturbing neighboring properties, it is not referring to the residents of other zones. It is referring to other industrial operations within the same M-1 zone. "Disturbing neighboring properties" refers to interrupting the business activities of other industrial operations, and the industrial operations within the industrial zone are not being inconvenienced, disturbed or interrupted.

The zoning code itself establishes which properties (and zones) may border each other, and the zoning attempts to place only compatible uses together.

In the case of the Mazatzal Airpark and the Sky Park Industrial Park, the uses are not inconsistent. The Airpark residents actually produce more noise than the combined industrial park, so if local pilots wish to live next to the nuisances of the airport and the industrial zone, they should be allowed to do so. They each signed a copy of the Subdivision Public Report for Mazatzal Mountain Air Park which clearly stated that the nuisances of the airport and the Sky Park Industrial Park were adjacent to their property, and signing these legal documents indicated their acceptance of these nuisances.

Gordon Metcalf, Co-Chairman, Citizens for Better Payson Government, Payson

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