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Re: Firefighters and tree-cutting crews

I want to say thank you to all of the firefighters and tree-cutting crews working very hard and risking their lives to fight the fire. I am tired of hearing cruel and hateful comments from people about the fire and the people working on it. Keep in mind that you are not the one working in the extreme temperatures, breathing in the smoke and risking your life. To make nasty comments about these people is horrible. If you don't have something nice to say for what they are doing, don't say anything at all. We should be giving them praise and thanks instead of griping about them.

Re: Online fire coverage

As a Phoenix resident, I've always enjoyed the on-line version when I can't be up north to buy the real thing. It looks the site is now being updated (at least) daily with briefs on the fire. This makes the Roundup the best online source on the Willow.

Re: Online fire coverage

Payson Roundup, we are very grateful to you for your daily updates on the Willow Fire. As part-time residents of Strawberry, we count on your paper for the news, and the daily updates are much more accurate than the local television coverage.

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