Smokers, Watch Your Butts



I just want to say a great big thank-you to the fire guys and gals for working so hard and helping our community. I also have to make a comment on where some people keep their heads and brains if they have any.

I followed a person down Bonita the other evening and he was smoking a cigarette as he drove, flicking his ashes out the window. Then when he finished his smoke he tossed the darn thing out the window. Obviously he has no brains and we need to ask him to remove his head from his posterior.

How can you live in a town where we are having a several thousand acre fire burning at this moment and do something so stupid?

I guess we need to keep a pencil and pad handy and write down license plate numbers and report them. I think we would have quite a jail full of people because in just four days I can't tell you how many people I saw do that.

Take care everyone, lets watch the smoke, and keep our town safe.

Judy Chlupsa, Payson

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