U.S. Has Become 'Third Worlder's Paradise'



While we are sleeping, the Third World is planning our demise; and they're doing it from under our own spacious skies and above our fruited plains. We've already lost democracy as we Americans have known it.

This last sentence doesn't need explaining -- just think of the millions of non-Americans living in the USA, with the taxpayers financing this Third Worlder's paradise.

If 20 percent of the people in the USA are committing 90 percent of the crimes, what is the other 80 percent of us doing? Look up the word "vigilante" in the dictionary. We'd better start saddling up. Forty percent of this 90 percent are illegals.

Our pandering, soul-selling politicians had better wise up. They're going to be Third Worlded out of the White House. We're all already known as The Whites. Not in a complimentary manner, either.

Am I running scared, or what?

Alyce F. Hicks, Payson

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