Fear Is The Evil



Mr. Castleman's recent letter imploring the Roundup's readers to "remember these politicians when we go to vote in November" should be taken for what it really means. The Republicans have exposed Americans to a greater threat of terrorism. The present administration has increased our fear by constantly claiming that terrorists are coming to get us. Have you noticed how they make these claims at the beginning of each of our holidays, yet they do not raise the terrorist level?

They use the loss of lives on 9/11/01 as a punch line. Yet they don't speak of the thousands of innocent lives taken by Bush's War in Iraq and Afghanistan without any result of bringing the people that planned 9/11/01 to justice. We went to war in Iraq because there was "imminent" danger and that there were "Weapons of Mass Destruction" aimed at our American cities but, alas, there were none. American senators and congressmen believed the administration because they knew that the first George H.W. Bush had given Saddam those hideous weapons.

But the most evil loosed on the American public is "fear". Fear of our health care, fear of our economy, fear of our environment, fear of our future as a free country. Now the Bush administration is looking to postpone the November elections. Could it be because they fear that the American public will "remember these politicians" when we go to vote in November?

Mark Ernest Reza, Payson

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