Men, Women Go Head-To-Head In Various Matches


The foursome of John Pauley, Warren Mulcahy, Pat King and Sid Egler hooked up to take first place in a Payson Men's Golf Association four-man scramble.

The foursome finished with a tally of 52.6 in the June 30 fray at Payson Golf course.

With a 53.4, Ralph Lindo, Frank Karnes, Jack Gibbs and Gene Howell were the runners-up.

John Waring, Len Niendeins, John Calderwood and Jim Furimsky copped third with a 56.7

A tally of 57.3 earned Larry Baker, Bud Drummond, Dean Bulkley and Don Varney fourth-place honors.

Closest-to-the-pin winners included Don Castleman (No. 17; 4 feet, 3 inches), Syd Gee (No. 5; 8 feet, 4 inches), Karnes (No. 2; 12 feet, 8 inches), Howell (No. 8; 3 feet, 8 inches), Castleman (No. 17; 4 feet, 3 inches) and Egler (No. 14; 18 feet).

In other club action, members of the PMGA joined forces with the Payson Women's Golf Association to host a mixer tournament June 25 at PGC. The format was select drive with A, B, C and D players on each team.

The foursome of Troy Neal, Herb Sherman, Kay Davis and Billie Gibbs took home the championship trophy by posting a 153.

With a 164, Benny Burns, Bud Drummond, Mary Jones and Don Gyde was third.

Also with a 164, Lindo, Frank Karnes, Judy Neal and Alesha Calderwood took runner-up laurels. Second and third finishing teams were decided by a scorecard playoff.

Closest-to-the-pin winners among the men were Jack Greenshield on No. 5 and Neal on No. 6.

Alesha Calderwood pocketed prize money on No. 14 and Burns was closest on No. 17.

In a PMGA tournament contested June 16, the format was "orange ball plus two best (ABCD) balls."

PMGA member Bud Drummond explained the format.

"The A player of the group uses his score plus two best scores on the first hole," he said. "On the second hole, the B player plus two best are scored. On the third hole, the C player plus two best scores are used and on the fourth hole, the D player and two best scores are tallied. The rotation continues during the remaining holes."

With a 181, Doug Talbot, Ed West, Bob Hendrie and Pauley were first.

Second-place honors were garnered by Dick Harding, Lindo, Gibbs and Niendenis. The four finished at 186.

One stroke back in third place was the team of Bob Pearson, Tony LeGault, Warren Mulcahy and Baker.

With a 189, Peter Foster, Egler, Waring and Sherman were fourth.

Closest to the pin winners were Wayne Little (No. 2; 21 feet, 8 inches), Tom Castas (No. 14; 4 feet, 4 inches), Don Nicholas (No. 17; 9 feet, 11 inches) and Armand Werle (No. 8; 6 feet, 10 inches).

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