Neighbors Prayed For Us



I am a resident of The Heber/Overgaard area. Two years ago, when the Rodeo/Chediski Fire burned through our neighborhood, and we were evacuated for two weeks -- the most stressful two weeks of my life, I might add -- it was you folks, the good people of Payson who prayed for us, cared for us, fed us, and encouraged us. We thank you all for the kindness you showed tos.
Ase searched the media foratest information on the fires thathreaten the Rim area, you were in our thoughts a hundred times a day.We prayed for you as I know your townspeople did for us.

So far, so good.You can count on us to keep up the prayers and the good thoughts.I know that does not ease the anxiety, orelieve your fears, but I hope it helps to let you know we understandhat you are going through ande are here for you should the need arise.

Sandi Webb, Heber/Overgaard

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